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This book is heavy. Yes, two of my cousins live here and my aunt and uncle live about 30 miles from here. Conductor, you haven't paid the balance. I am to get down at the next stop. You must decide whether you will go by train or by plane. Is it US Bank? Was there a lot of traffic? Tom lost his job. Where do your parents live? I know what you mean. I use to play soccer a lot. Do you think we can play soccer there? I went to see the baseball game yesterday.
Obscure: - A good coach is like a father to his players.
- It'll definitely rain.
- She helped her younger brother finish his picture.
- I'm absolutely dreading...
- She handed him his jacket.
- That sounds very tempting.
- Yes, they're fine. I wasn't going very fast.
- I think it's unlikely that any store would sell this model for that price.
- We all suspect him of murder.
- She threatened him.
I missed the last train, so I had to walk all the way home. Nice of you to make it. The twin girls are so much alike that I can't tell one from the other. Do you know how much it costs? She is from France. I like the way you look. He reads before bedtime. Why fear when I am here? Some people think the president spends too much time traveling. His house is not far from here.

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